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"Heart to Heart" is a small manual that can be an inspiration for your conscious external and internal exploration. Inspired by the lessons and from the diversity of life, these words you are about to read are written for you, who want to live up to your full potential, you, who will not give up, and you, who dream of being the author of your own happiness, while embarking on a journey towards your own unique destiny.


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Heart to Heart is a result of my experiences and contemplation. It simply felt right to express and share the lessons I was fortunate enough to receive through my lifelong martial arts practice, as well as the various challenges I was destined to encounter. This rather adventurous journey was embodied through "Little Dragon" in his quest for happiness. May these reflections provide perspectives that can be helpful in finding your own path.

May they resonate with your heart so that you may be guided by its wisdom.


Little Dragon is the voice of common sense combined with good intention. The inspiration behind the name “Dragon” comes from Eastern traditions, where it represents the wisdom that distinguishes the Noble Warrior working for Peace. Another reason is the association of the Dragon with a kite that always moves in concert with the wind, which, to my mind, symbolizes the directions and moods of life. I chose to name him “Little” as an expression of humility, especially if one thinks of the imposing nature of the word “Dragon”. Little Dragon has made many of the mistakes most of us do. Now, he wishes to share the lessons he gathered on his journey so that he can contribute to the general good and to everyone in need. He is not dogmatic, nor does he claim that he has the right answers, and he is certainly not interested in sounding unique. Little Dragon values honesty, is true to his ideals, and always respects those with different points of view.  May his effort be a compass pointing towards the answers you seek.

Dimitris Farmakidis

Aikido instructor and author

Dimitris Farmakidis is an instructor of Aikido, a Japanese martial art, at an alternative boarding school in Norway, and has been using the principles and the self-discipline that follows this tradition to help students of all ages. 

His rich experience stems so much from his numerous occupations and interests, among which are acting, dancing and choreography, while he has also worked as a construction worker and a photographer before he eventually became an Aikido instructor, as well as all the challenges that have occurred in his life.


This book constitutes a reflection of his life experiences, as he considers himself to be a student of life.


Little Dragon gazes at the world and his heart mourns.
Feeling powerless, he is tempted to surrender.

“Accepting is, after all, a way of maintaining one’s dignity in a losing fight,”

he argues.

But the light of honesty shines over his arguments,
and the intuitive trust in his spirit gives him courage.
Little Dragon lifts the sword for his battles;

That sword is Love!

From book
Heart to Heart


Over the years, as I've realized the importance of learning through wisdom instead of suffering, my favorite gift has been to give a person a great book.

Written by my dear friend and former teacher, this book is going to go to the top of that list.

Barbara Ann Kelly

Heart to Heart - in context- larger Human experience. Living healthy Lives. There are thousands of ways to interpret the content. Is it the understanding of dealing with the Cause instead of the Effect? The society deal/treat normally the effects instead of the cause.

Stefaneia Vrioni

As we are entering the coldest and the darkest months of this winter here in the Arctic circle,

I received today Heart to Heart from my beloved Aikido sensei Dimitri Farmakidis.

Time to warm ours hearts and dive into the ocean of ourselves.

Tusen takk

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Hamar,  Norway


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